The new WordPress HTML-5 friendly theme

WordPress | on Apr. 04, 2011 | by 0 Comments

Being one of the most popular blogging scripts available to the modern day blogger, WordPress is constantly under pressure to improve their services and upgrade them to make them more compatible with the ever increasing number of users. This is especially important due to the recent evolution of the use of WordPress as a content management system not just for simple websites but also for advanced corporate websites. The evolution spells more demand for WordPress efficiency and hence the need to make it easier to integrate other website building features in order to increase to efficiency among the diversified users.

On the above note, WordPress does not fall short. It is constantly updating its versions and keeping up with the current trends in the online marketing world by rolling out new features every other time. Some of the features such as blog SMS updates save the blogger a lot of hassle. One of the new inventions of WordPress that has been welcome with open arms especially by web builders is the new HTML-5 friendly theme.

What exactly is HTML-5, you may ask. Well, it is the newest descendant of the HTML computer language that brings together an array of web based specifications. It is characterized by the introduction of new tags that are able to identify sound, video content and vector. It has semantic tags such as

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