25 Tremendous Time Saving Mozilla Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, but is also becoming a robust tool for web developers.

The following is 25 time saving Mozilla add-ons that will assist web designers and developers.

1. Fire Shot

Create screenshots of webpages with this Firefox extension.

2. Fire PHP

This tool makes it easy to log on to your Firebug Console by using a PHP method call.

3. Font Finder

An application that is custom made for web designers, developers, typographers and cartographers for viewing font types and doing replacements.

4. HTML Validator

This application adds HTML and validates it.

5. Fire Bug

This integrative application lets you surf the Internet while you do a lot of ‘stuff like editing, debugging and monitoring CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

6. ImTranslator

There are over two thousand language combinations presented by ImTranslato, thus catering to many languages spoken around the world.

7. Color Zilla

It contains different goodies that can enhance your photos or other graphic material.

8. Fire FTP

It is free, secure and easy to use.

9. YSlow

Why is your webpage loading slow? Use this app to see why.

10. Measure It

You can measure anything on a webpage like width, height, or alignment of page elements.

11. Codetch

Codetch mimics Dreamweaver within Firefox.  You can edit your document as you browse the Internet.

12. Screen Grab

The name of the app describes its purpose, capturing the whole page or a selection.

13. Image Zoom

It can zoom and rotate your images.


14. Palette Grabber

This tool creates a color palette for many image manipulators like GIMP, Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint.NET, or OS X.

15. Total Validator

Doing validations is easy with this app.

16. Grid Fox

Placing a grid over a web page is no big thing with this tool. Just open up Firefox and overlay a grid on top of it.

17. X Ray

See tags without viewing their source code.

18. Foxy Proxy

This is an sophisticated proxy management tool that supplants Firefox‘s limited proxying capabilities.

19. Professor X

This tool lets you see the insides of a web page’s head without the necessity of viewing the source code.

20. Web Developer

This tool allows you to add various web developer tools to a browser.

21. TinEye Reverse Image Search

This neat app allows you to find an image’s location, what it is being used for and it’s other versions that might exist.

22. iMacros

Are you tired of doing repetitive tasks such as going to same web sites, completing forms, and recalling passwords?  Then iMacros for Firefox is what you have been searching for.

23. Auto Copy

Just choose the text you want, and it is copied to the clipboard with no other steps.

24. Stylish

This tool allows you to augment your various websites (Google, Facebook, YouTube) with ease.

25. Picnik

Importing images are easier to import with this application, allowing for a menu and toolbar options.

These add-ons will assist web developers be it a front-end or back-end related task.

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